G&H Oil Staff welcomes you to our new website! For over 70 years we have been reclaiming used oil for industrial fuel oil and feed stock for re-refined base oil. The G&H Oil is committed to protecting our natural resources through waste management.

 The G&H Oil fleet of modern tank trucks ranging from 4,000 gallons to 7,000 gallons has the ability for on time collection and delivery of petroleum products.

Introducing a brand new program for all generators of used motor oil. Please contact 1-800-961-3848 ext. 102 for more details on how to keep your business  environmental friendly!

Responsible Recycling Program (RRP)

 Our commitment to our customer base as well as to the environment remains strong. The 15 million gallon per year self-contained T.S.D.F. incorporates the best available technology for the treatment of a wide range of material.

 We accept railcar shipments from the mid atlantic and east coast. The transloading facility is equipped with spill containment and direct off/on load piping to the plant.

 The Koch Consolidator oily waste water system enables us to recapture up to 20% oil for further recycling. The clean waste water is adjusted and treated at public and private waste water treatment centers for final discharge.

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